The TCIMR Masters’ Degree Programme was commenced in 2013 in partnership with Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. By 2019, after years of collaboration, TCIMR has successfully nurtured 2 graduating classes with a total of 20 physicians. At the end of 2019, 4 of STCMI physicians in the 3rd batch of Masters Class will also be setting off to Shenyang for their thesis defence presentation, which will also mark the end of their Master’s journey.

In view of the successful collaboration, in 2018, after Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s 60th Anniversary, TCIMR and Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine International School decided to embarked on the provision of PhD education for singapore physicians, the 1st batch of PhD class was initiated and 6 physicians were enrolled. In 2019, 11 physicians were enrolled for the 4th batch Master’s class.

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